Putting them on a Pedastal

Months ago, maybe aroud six months ag

Six Months ago, I learned how to give honor or more over “idealizes” someone or something. “Putting them on a Pedestal.” People would say. I of course, as ignorant as I can be, didn’t exactly know what it truly meant and even thought that a pedestal and a bust was the same.

Until I knew like, five days ago.

Our Elective (Visual Arts) just had a trip from the National Museum and saw pretty busts made of marble and probably stone. Out loud, I pointed at the bust and exclaimed that It was a pedestal but my other friends called it a bust. Frustrated, I went  to the Literature tacher we were with and asked for the truth.

I was wrong, they were right. I took the shame and laughed.

Until now, I still laugh. How courageous I was with my answer before. I put myself on a Pedestal. That is final.


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