Art Club

I’ve been playing around in high school for 4 years. The first three consecutive years, I’ve been sitting lamely in Science club. It was quite amusing, (especially during my sophomore year cause we had Sir Persia as our mod.:”> )
This year, I took the risk and joined art club.
In Art Club, I got away from my shell. Really had fun despite the things we do and had made couple lots of friends.
One of the highlights in this club is the Art exhibit.
Yes, Even though it was hectic and partly an inferno to us, in the end we totally had fun ( and i sucessfully sold my painting. hehe..)
Other than that, I was able to rebond my self to past friends( Sam,Zee, Dads, Veronica, Megan) and of course, how could I forget our lovely Β and stylish teacher. Mr. Laudencia/Sir Audie is probably the awesome mod I know(well, except for sir persia. :”> ) At first, I really loathed him, thought he was gay and never appreciated the things the does.
Now, I realized that he really was that sincere and I thank him for everything that has happened in art club–sort of. Kidding!:)
Awhile ago, when all I thought is that we would be only having a liturgy mass turned out to be a farewell party for us, Seniors.:’)
We had certificates, colorful drinks, lots of sweet food, hotdogs on sticks(I ate four) and lots of entertainment. Truly, i will never forget this day. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thank you Clubmates, our mod, God, everyone for making my day complete.:) πŸ™‚

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