Enchanted Kingdom + Sleep Over

Yesterday was one of my very first Summer outing with friends. I never thought that my ‘rents would agree on this, never thought this would push thru( because there was a point where quite a number of people backed out) and I never thought that this outing will last for two days. :>


This is the entrance to Enchanted Kingdom




Anyhow, there were Eight of us. Five Girls and Three boys.(Czenna,Rani,Marga,Jek,Me,Al,Anthony and Gian.) Before we came there, Jek and I headed to Marga’s place to wait for the others. It was my first time, entering upon my best friend’s house and Truth to be told, I fell inlove with her Rabbits. I promise to post a picture of them, right now, I’m stuck with just describing them to you. :))

There were two rabbits hoping around the house, one was black with a white steak on it’s forehead and one was honey brown. They were named PB and Phil. PB’s the black one. A very jolly rabbit who doesn’t care about the world. Phil, on the other hand is an inborn so she/he can’t hop around like a normal rabbit like PB. Phil’s my favorite, despite the fact that he/she tries to hop away when I reach for him/her.

[insert rabbit picture here]


When everyone came, we arranged our car seating arrangement. I rode with Marga,Jek and Marga’s Sister(the one who’s driving) on an Audi. While those in the innova were “having a blast by partying all the way to enchanted kingdom” we kept silent inside the Audi.


We arrived in EK at around 3:30pm. We rode on Anchor’s Away. So much for the first ride.=))) For those of you who don’t know what that ride is, it’s a big Viking boat that goes back and forth like crazy. What’s scary is that if you look down and you’re on the side who’s going up,you’ll feel like you’re falling. I was with Czenna, Al and Anthony in that ride.


This is Anchor's Away, One of my Favorite rides in EK

The Next ride was the Log Jam. In one log, four people could fit so I was with Al,Gian and Anthony. That was the time where I knew Gian(a boy by the way) was scared of rides. Nyahahaha. As our log climbed to the top, I could hear them screaming for their mothers(with their high pitched voices mind you.) We got wet because of the water.


This is the Log Jam

Even if my friends were soaking wet, they opted to ride the Space Shuttle. A ride I will never take. (but conquered it in the latter part of the day..)


The Killer Space Shuttle

After that, we watched Happy Feet in Rialto to cool off and took a break by going to this Milkshake bar. (They Serve awesome milkshakes,sundaes etc.)


Rialto: an extra-ordinary Movie House

We also took several funny rides like Flying Fiesta


Swing, Swing!

Up, Up and Away


If you don't want to feel sick, don't ride this.



we had to scream "Penis" when we reach the end


For the Rest of the Day, we were all goofing around. Al,Rani,Czenna and Anthony rode the EKSTREME. They’re awesome.


We ate pizza for dinner. I learned that everyone would be sleeping over in Marga’s house. I asked my rent if I could too.




That's us.

I checked my phone, rent hasn’t replied. I want to sleepoverrrrr. then it got wet. fuck. We repeated the same process till my tita called.


I was allowed. hooray.


We left EK at around 11pm. We stopped over in a gas station, ate KFC and drank starbucks coffee.

We arrived in Marga’s house. I Stink. I want to take a bath.


Jek and I bought extra underwear that could barely fit. but we managed it.

They bought Condoms. Wait. They want to make it into balloons. Don’t think of anything else.

My phone’s dead. Fuck.

We watched Final Destination two. Slept at 3am and woke up 6:30am.

Al told us that he dreamt of us swimming in corn. 😐 😐 😐

Ate breakfast, played with the sex dice. All Eight of us.

I licked,kissed and caressed almost everyone.=)))

Listened to Rebecca Black’s song. Everyone got irritated.

And Fed the Rabbits.

11:45am. Time to go home. Rent’s mad. 😐 😐 😐

Looked for a bus with Jek. No luck. She tripped.

In the end, we opted for a cab since it’s much more easier.  :))

We parted ways and went back home.

I took a bath and slept.:)))

The End.


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