Solitary Moment: Love drills.

Love will always be there. It hits you when you least expect it and  You look for it when it is not available.

It’s Funny, when my problem would concern about Love, it would end in a very tragic way. It’s very harsh and cruel. I’ve always thought, maybe it’s not the perfect time or maybe Love wasn’t part of my dictionary. What’s even funnier is that I don’t learn from it and I still take risks.

My Heart is like a vase. A beautiful object set for display in a crowded living room. A fragile piece that once it’s broken, it’s gone and will be replaced by a new one. Then I wonder, how come each it breaks, why am I the only one who picks it up? In the end it will be always me who’ll be at the finish line. It’s always me who gets hurt. Who get those numerous scars both in my heart and hands. Always me. Forever Alone.

Right now, I am experiencing a new kind of hardcore Romance. This time, it’s not as the same as the others( I doubt it.) Maybe it’s Real but then again, maybe it’s just a summer Fling. Maybe I’m just like any other teenage in the world. Maybe Mom’s right about what she said that “It’s just a phase, Sweetie.”

This is the only place I could go to and consult my self so I apologize for showing my inner self.



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