This is for You,
You know who you are.
You Called me a Lowly bookworm
You bullied me in school with your bitchy clique
You gave me your tofu for lunch
and all those tasty (and exotic) food you had in your lunchbox
We scream for Gregor Samsa every time we go to the MER
We Both LOVE art
We both love Physics
and the Teacher with centered hair (you get what I mean. :)) )
We both think that it’s cool to tease Marian with her fear of circles and April’s fear of furry things.
You never fail to impress me with your wacky ideas.
Your Style of Art
Your views and opinions in life
You Amaze me.
Not just because of your skill in debating
or your wacky style in fashion and Arts.
Not even because you’re good with words.

It’s because
You made me realize that hey, I’ve been spending all my life to impress the crowd and yet I go home fruitless.
You made me realize that people should love me for who I am and not what they want me to be.
Hell I care if they think I’m nerdy ’cause I love books.
Hell I care if they think that drawing is the only think I’m good at.
Hell I care if I don’t look as pretty as them. (lol.)

I know I’m not making any sense here.=)) But the bottom line of all this is that I’m very blessed to have a friend like you.
Thank you for everything, all those fun-filled memories we had, the Eco Reviewer you gave me, tofu, our weird moments that we think is very normal. :)) And all that crap.

I’m sorry if I don’t make sense. :)) it’s 2:17 AM =)))
This is all that I can give right now, I’m sorry. 😦 😦 =))


Adieu Amiga!=))


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