The Apple Tree

My Mother–my Biological mother and I had a little talk regarding on things how she feels as a mother,how it’s like to be a single parent, how different she is to her sisters and what she feels about me.

In between those small topics, she shared to me a very lovely story of an apple tree and the kid. I find it very touching and worth sharing.

This is how the story goes:

Once there was an Apple tree. Everyday a boy would play around, swinging on the tree‘s branches, munching on some apples and practically have fun. The Apple tree was very pleased with the child and every single day, they would play around.

The boy grew up as a teenager, he rarely played with the tree anymore (which made the tree sad and lonely.) One day, he came to the tree.

“Oh hello there. It’s nice to see you. Do you need something?” the tree asked.

“Hello. I need your help, I’m poor and I need money. Please help me. ” the teenager said.

“Pick all of my fruits and sell them so that you can have money.” the tree said. The teenager did and left the Apple tree. Seeing the teenager happy made the tree happy as well.

Years after, the teenager showed up again but this time he’s now a man.He came to the apple tree and the tree smiled.

“Hello again, what can i do for you? ” The tree asked.

“I need a car for my family, please help me.” The man asked. The tree agreed and said “Cut my branches and turn it into a car.” The man did and cut all of the branches of the tree. All was left is a big trunk.

Years passed by, the tree became older. Suddenly, the man came back.

“It’s nice of you to visit me, what can i do for you today?” The tree asked.

“My children grew up and now they have their own family. I am alone. I want to visit and see the other places in the world.Please help me.” the man said. The tree nodded and said. “Take my trunk and make it into a boat. ” The Man did and all was left is a root top.

Years has passed again, the tree was getting old and weak but then the man came back, he’s very old and frail as well.

“Hello.” the tree said.

“Hello Apple Tree, I am very old and weak. I need to take a rest. I’ve done so many things in life. I think I need to rest.” He said.

“Come, sit down and take a rest.” The Apple tree said.

The old man sat down on the root top and rested. He also died right then and there.

I cried. It was very touching, indeed. The apple tree symbolized as a parent.


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