bon anniversaire

Not much of a birthday, but more of a month day ( If ever that existed. )

My Pet Rabbit, Saint is a month old in my arms. I’m not sure about her real age.

This is Saint. I lover her to bits

That’s her. I love her.

I got Saint last April 12, 2011. The people who gave Saint to me were my friends—best friends actually. They gave it to me as a gift, a farewell gift/birthday gift ( I’m not quite sure.) I called her Saint because she looked innocent and pure. :3 I was supposed to name it Xavier but hell, she’s a girl.

Anyway, I love her. She cant bite my fingers(even if she wants to–deep inside)Here are some facts about her.

Things she loves:

-Cabbage/Leafy Vegetables

-The Park( she likes running around the grass area)

– People

Things She hates:

– the Cage

– pellet food

– fur mites

-rainy weather


Our First Picture

The very first picture of me and saint ❤

Saint at the park

At the Park with saint.

She likes to graze like magnolia

She likes to graze like magnolia

This is how big she is today.

Right now, I need your prayers.

She’s Sick.She’s infested with furmites. I’m out of budget and I dont have money to go to a vet. All I do is to clean her everyday, look for remedies and such.

Some of the infested parts

Poor Saint. Please pray for her Health. It would mean alot to me. 🙂 Thank you.

Happy One Month Saint! ❤


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