I have my ways

I don’t understand why happiness would always want to substitute her opposite twin in her stead.

Why would God even give me a day of extreme bliss then the next day it would seem like it’s the apocalypse (zombies included)

I ask for laughter and happiness yet  I end up getting tears and a “please-mend-me-im-about-to-shatter” heart.

Can’t I have more smiles than frowns? God’s Game is kinda getting slight of hand. Is it my turn to roll the dice?

I can’t believe this. I’m actually making my blog sound a bit more retarded than ever.

whatever ( you don’t know how long I’ve been imitating as a fountain.)


Right now. Please. Don’t try to dry my tears. I have my own ways to cheer up (and I prefer it that way.) If you’re reading this, please. Just remain silent and let me cry. Until then.


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