Missing Out

I miss Saint, my Rabbit.

She’s the first one who ever survived in my arms. It was her 2nd month a few days ago. From the moment she came to my life, It has never been the same. I’ve been constantly thinking of her, worrying about her health, saving money for her needs.I left her in my house in batangas, my brother’s currently talking care of her while I’m gone.

I miss my fourth year classmates, 4-Accountability. 

The best class ever. I was never afraid to show them what I really am. It’s hard for me to explain why I miss them in a few sentences but I’m pretty sure they understand the message completely. I miss those moments we all had, just having fun and taking life just like a roller coaster. We all had our ups and downs, it was clear to us that we weren’t the favorite among the batch. I love them all.

I miss my passion for Visual Arts.

Lately, I caught myself staring at a blank sheet of paper, knowing nothing of what to draw. Probably I am not inspired or moved. It’s been a long time since I last held a brush, getting my self dirty with acrylic paint and shopping for new stuff. Art block.

I miss my old clique/barkada/group/whathaveyou

Everyone’s gone with their lives.

Most of all.

I miss you, whoever is reading this.

Yes, you. It’s been awhile. We’re all doing crazty stunts these days, we forget to give a call on each other. It would be nice if we could meet up again. You know, just a coffee break. I know you’re busy (and I’m not cause I’m rotting here in the house.) But perhaps a little quality time would do, Yes?


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