Why be a teacher?

That’s right. Why be a teacher?

Most of my peers and former teachers got shocked, almost dumbfounded to hear that I’m going to be a teacher in five years.

It was as if I’m not suited to be one. Well, that’s somehow true. It never occured to me to be a teacher since I’ve always thought of art-related careers.

Things changed however ever since I chose the Education course in my school (’cause to me, it was probably the most applicable course to me..I cannot imagine myself taking up nursing.)

I honestly did great last semester and I decided to pursue a new dream : to be a teacher.

Haha, I still can’t believe it.

I realized that I want to be an instrument for the success of others,my future students. I want to be an inspiration and have the capability to mold individuals into better people for a better country. That’s probably the best thing a teacher could do and if I have it with me, why not share it?

I have numerous teachers who inspired me throughout the years, those who I will never forget. Those who were there when I was in pain, those who made me laugh, those who gave me a hard time, those who became my friends. I salute you.

I want someone to remember me, someone who will thank me one day. Just like what I did in High School.

I will end this blog with a very simple yet inspiring quote.

“If you can read this, thank a teacher.”


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