Each table inside the coffee shop has its own story

A business man working on his sales report

Two lovers exchanging sweet nothings

A group of students taking a break from school

Reunited friends embracing one another after eons of years

Elitists indulging their cup of coffee along with their pampered dogs in diapers

and two teenagers, breaking up.

Yes, it’s quite bizzare to see those exact moments all at the same time. Along with the sound of light jazz music and the aromatic smell of coffee, I stared blankly at them.

I have my own story of course.

A day before this, you sent me a message asking if we could meet up in a specific coffee shop. Of course, how could I say no to you? I like you. So I said yes.

After thirty minutes of waiting, you’re still not here. I felt like a fool that time. Again, I was tricked by you.

That’s my story. Fantastic isn’t it?


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