Not for you

There are some things in life that you think it’s bound to be for you. Of course, a goal-oriented dreamcatcher like you would seize for that special thing without thinking of the negative outcomes that can happen once you start running for it. 


What I’m actually talking about is love. 


Yes, that four letter word everybody seems to talk about.

That “feeling” everybody would want to feel. (okay, redundant.)


When you begin to love someone, it seems like you totally forgot about 10 billion other guys/girls out there.You’d say that you’re inlove and you’d do anything just to make that person love you too. As time passes, you’d be closer. Close enough to be more than friends but too far from becoming as a couple.

Lucky are those who find that path where they find love and cherish the moment.

But what about those who invest their love on someone who couldn’t even give anything back?

That, my friend is a complete disaster.

And then you’d say, “But I love him/her. I won’t give up, I’ll make him/her mine.” 

For weeks (or perhaps months) you made yourself look like a fool. Still, there is no improvement.

You did everything but it seems to be that it’s not for you.

The bad part of that is, you love that person. You can’t just leave the game already. You’ll continue on looking like total moron who gave the moon and stars.

You’ll continue on until that day where you’ll feel like there’s no hope anymore. 

Please, don’t even say that ridiculous “If you love him/her. you wont let go.” statement, whatever. Seriously guys, it’s plain torture to stay and love that person who can’t reciprocate the feelings you have for him/her. It’s also not that easy to move on, especially if you still LOVE the person and the only thing that made you go is the fact that there’s no hope anymore. 

It’s really confusing. How love seemed to make our lives miserable.


I say to you, once you find what you’re really looking for, love will change (hopefully.) 🙂 


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