I always knew that I could be fragile.

What can I do? I am nothing but blood and bones. 


I’ve never been so pessimistic, helpless and foolish. Even a single fly could shatter me like broken china.

Problems keep coming and sometimes, they forget to leave. It seems like it’s not as easy as brushing it off the shoulders. These problems arises, take charge of your entire life. Sometimes, they’d even invite more to pester you.

You’ve got nothing to do but to duck and hide. 

You get weaker and weaker

until you’re on bended knees.


It’s semi a good thing to know that nobody had a glimpse of me like this. I’d rather let them see the “happier” me.

You see, I wear masks. Masks that conceal the real me. Masks that are beautifully done, that could *almost* fool a person that it’s my real face. 

Call me a fraud but whatever. I’ve been living like this and for the long run, I think it’s better this way.

I don’t want another misunderstanding, I don’t want another “That rebellious child” or “You’re completely lost” statements from people who rarely know me. 


I’m tired.


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