The Avengers Hangover

Don’t worry, I wont say any spoilers. (I’ll try.)

If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing a lot in life. Go head to the nearest cinema and watch it! It’s totally worth it.

Let me tell you about the heroes.

Iron Man. Also known as Stark, he is FUNNY. Seriously guys. His comments are truly funny without trying to. Honestly, I am not a fan of his own movies (I haven’t watched any of them. HAHA.) There was one scene in movie that went like this:

Capt. America: What are you without that suit?

Iron Man: Genius,Billionaire Playboy.

Thor. My favorite Avenger. I’d slap any one who says that his power is not awesome. The son of Odin did not disappoint the folks. I’d kill to see him in person, despite his freakishly long hair I find him attractive. haha.

Iron Man to Thor: Does your mother know that you’re wearing her drapes?!

Captain America. Frozen in ice for what, 70 years? Waking up still looking fresh. He seemed to be the leader type (though I cannot argue about his leadership skills.) Plus, he’s loved by many. I mean, who wouldn’t?! I loooooove his shield. In the scene where Thor attempted to smash his shield and ending up falling back. UGHH. THAT SCENE. ❤

im sorry, i dont have a quote for capt. 😦

Hulk. He’s sooo cute. 😦 Especially when he’s mad. Among the Avengers, he definitely owned the “brute” tittle. I love the part where Thor and Hulk teamed up to kill the dark elves then Hulk hit Thor in the face and sent him flying. ❤ The part where Hulk made Loki into a rag inside The Stark Building is also funny. =)))) 

Hulk: I tried to eat a bullet but the other man inside me pulled it out.

Hawkeye. I LOVE HAWKEYE. He looks like Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne’s son. SERIOUSLY. His bow and arrow is legit. I cannot stress anymore. He is more than a supporting character.

Blackwidow. Horray for Girlpower! After watching her do the moves, I want to be a spy like her. She’s so badass. Her name is also Badass. Even if she doesn’t have any unique ability or weapon, God she convinced me that anyone can be an Avenger with only a gun.



And here ends my stupid entry about the Avengers. This is an understatement guys. The movie is BADASS. watch it guys. 


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