Photoblog: 050812 || Life on canvas

Art is really my passion. I literally grew up in a colorful world. My family is a band of artists and I couldn’t ask for more. I remember my old room back when I was still young. Aside from numerous posters( I admit, I used to be a freak for Anime back then) I tapered on the walls, the ever growing “height chart” I copied from Little Bill ( a kid show in Nickelodeon), and the Solar System wallpaper above, I have A LOT of drawings/scribbles/drabbles/doodles/whathaveyou on the walls using wax crayons. Ah, childhood.

Back in grade school, I had numerous notebooks filled with drawings. They were anime/cartoons mostly, I guess. Though I’m not ashamed of it. I even made a comic that my classmates read. It was a craze, you know.

High School wasn’t any different. I still remained as the girl who kept drawing on her planner when there’s a boring lecture in class. There were occasions in school that required artistic skills, I was there. The school became a training ground for me to build up my talent. We were exposed to different things, some interesting and some rather boring.

Every time I go to a book store, I couldn’t help but check out the art supplies section. There are so many things I wanted to buy! Now I have the essential things I need as an artist.


This is everything. During the process of experimenting, I inevitably emptied numerous acrylic tubes, destroyed some paint brushes, stained both my wet and dry palettes, lost 3-5 graded pencils etc. They’re my babies. I love them to bits ❤

This is my first Prang watercolor. Unlike other watercolor paints I see on the market, I find these suitable for beginners and amateurs (like me.) They’re easy to blend and the pigment is just amazing.

Acrylic is just as amazing as watercolor. Reeve’s a good brand. Several Artists use this and it’s not as puny as it looks. Reeve’s is actually a bit pricey to me since I’m just a student. So I try to use it to a minimum.

My harassed paint brushes are still beautiful. I have both local and pro-artists brands like Berkeley. You can never have too much paint brushes!!

Last but not the least, my trusty graded pencils. I lost A LOT of these during high school. They’re easy to use and fun to experiment with.

So here ends my photo blog #2. I had fun sharing to you my prized items at home. Until then!


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