Photoblog: 050912 || Fashion Kills

I am a late bloomer.

Believe me, I used to live doing the shirt+jeans+sneaks combo (I still do sometimes.) I was rather a tomboy who refused to wear anything girly and didn’t like accessories much. It was until I became a senior in High School when I started eyeing bloggers and fellow batch mates on how they clothed themselves. I see fashion as daunting yet immensely fun and worthwhile.

In college we have two days where we can come into our casual/civilian clothing to school. For me, it’s never good to repeat the same clothes you wear. I don’t have that much clothes yet since I’m just starting to invest on good clothes but I keep in mind to wear something different or at least give it two weeks for you to wear it again. -__-It’s fun make yourself look presentable, I just don’t get some people in my school why they wear “Angry Birds” T-shirts. Not that I’m criticizing (okay, I am) what they wear but… they have no excuse to wear something like that in school. I mean, aren’t they humiliated?

Okay, I’m being a mean girl right here. I might as well stop now. Hahaha.

So anyway, I rummaging into my cousin’s jewelry box and found two necklaces that I both adore. She was kind enough to give it to me so I was thrilled to pair it up with my clothes. 

Here’s the first one: It’s a white feather necklace.

 I know feathers are all the rage this season. Plus Tribal prints are just as lovely.


I adore anything Tribal! It’s super fab and boho.  I got this F21 top weeks ago and wore it to the Avenger’s Premiere. It has this “swan wings” sleeves, okay I made the term up but it’s really cool.

Then I got this collar necklace.

I have no clue on what to do with this but I googled on what exactly to do with it. So I decided to pair it up with my LBD. I got this dress in Topshop on a sale ❤ I wore it once and it was a debut of a friend. It’s just stored in my closet, waiting for another event to come.


I’m not really that of a “fashionista” or anything. I haven’t really found out my “style.” Looking at how my friends wear really amaze me. Hey, give me some style tips next time! 🙂  /fashionvictim Hahaha. Btw. I’m reaaaally sorry for the low quality pics. I just shot them using my camera phone. :)) 

Til then!



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