051012 || Red and Yellow

I went to school with my friend, Danielle to get our class cards. She wore this awesome black maxi skirt to school since we’re not allowed to wear shorts (she’s not jeans fan btw.) I lack one class card and unfortunately, it’s still not there. Bollocks.

Since there’s nothing else to do in school, we opted to eat in McDonalds and catch up with the latest stories of this and that. We gushed secrets, laughed our heads off about our “cockroach” stories and basically had fun.  After eating, she asked me if I’d like to come with her to a nearby salon and get a Mani-Pedi or something. I of course, had nothing else to do for that day so I agreed to come along with her.

I have to admit, it’s actually better having someone with you in a salon. Usually, I fly solo and get my nails done. You see, Danielle and I both have a soft side on books. We LOVE Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and The Mortal Instruments. Talking about that while our feet are pampered makes everything congruent to Relaxation one-oh-one. After that, I decided to have my nails painted red while she opted for a summer vibe-y yellow.

I’m really sorry. i have horrible and humongous feet. :<

Danielle’s yellow nails.

I have learned two things after we got out from the salon: Don’t wear jeans and closed shoes. The foot spa package included a simple massage for tired feet and lower legs, I wasn’t able to feel the goodness of it because I was wearing jeans that time and I could’nt pull it up no matter how hard I try. So it was only until the ankles. The second was, I had my doll shoes with me. The nail polish took so long to dry and I wouldn’t want to risk ruining both my well-done nails and my shoes for that matter. As I said, the whole thing was impromptu. If I knew better, I’d probably wear something more suitable like open sandals and a skirt, maybe.

Stupid shoes. Dry a bit more quicker nail polish!

Overall, I had fun with Danielle. J Nothing is better than spending time with a girl friend, doing girly stuff and forget about boys for a while. J)

Til then!


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