Hello June!

Please be kind.


I started the month by changing my hair color to a darker tone. I went to Bench Fix Salon and viola! I got a complicated hair color that won’t show until the next few days. The stylist said it’s “Copper Mahogany Dark Blonde.” Annddd I also got a hair cut ’cause my bangs were long, I couldn’t see. šŸ˜¦


So here’s my bucket list for June:

1. Watch a movie

2. Take a shot

3. Meet new friends.

4. Milktea with friends.

5. Date with ā¤ hihihi.

6. Finish a puzzle.

7. Beat a high score

8. Be organized (in school.)

9. Help a needy.

10. Jog.


Yeah. I’m really sorry for the late post, I lost track of time to pay attention to my wordpress. HAHA. Sorry!! šŸ˜¦

School starts in two weeks. I think I have everything that I need. I miss my friends. I want to study(yeah right) comeeonn! Fast forward to June 13 please? šŸ˜¦


Until then!


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