All the rage about K+12

Last semester we had this class called “Language Curriculum for Secondary Schools” and made us critique the issue regarding about the whole K12 thing.

For those who doesn’t have ANY idea on what it is, my friend where have you been?

K+12 is yet another good idea of DepEd (yes, I see it as a positive outlook.) It is said that they will be adding two more years of Education for this school year. That’s Kindergarden, 6 years in Grade School/Basic Education, 4 years in High School which will now be known as “Junior High School” while the added 2 more years will be called “Senior High School.”

Okay, there are ups and downs about this program but seeing that we’re probably the only country (plus Vietnam, I think) who hasn’t implemented this yet AND seeing other countries doing a good job maintaining the order,why can’t we do it as well?

There are actually more positive notes about it, yet we cannot ignore the flaws of the said program.

I personally think it would be a great idea if they could’ve allocated resources and funds. I mean, the classrooms in public schools wouldn’t suffice if two more years will be added. Students from families with low income will have to shell out more money than before and of course, gaps/lapses. There will be two years where there wont be any college students since they’re still taking the added years in High School.

On the contrary, it’s actually a great idea since not all students are really trained for tertiary level. Along with the improvised curriculum, more education years equals to more experience and learning. This isn’t a waste of money. It’s actually beneficial on the long run.

Another is that, once you step up to Senior High School they can work. You know, part time jobs and stuff. It’s never a bad idea to actually help raise money for the household. So it’s not really bad.

Anyway, I heard it’s already implemented for this SY. I just hope that the program would have a good start AND I HOPE THEY WONT PULL IT BACK IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING. That will just ruin everything.




Whew. I needed that. I haven’t been writing for quite a long time. lol yeah. constructive criticisms come to me



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