This is probably the best time to say something about going back to school. Yeah, my second year in college will soon start in five days. I’ll be waking up a tad bit more late than usual, go to the same grungy school I despise, probably see new faces and yes, my old friends. I’ll be able to see them once again.

Everyone will look at everyone as they take note on big/small changes; see which person had the worst tan from summer, best dressed, worst dressed, who’s hooked up with who, most rad haircut/haircolor…and the list goes on. Friends would conquer a lunch table to talk about what happened the past months or say a bunch of gossips or rumors. In class, we’ll all be forced to say our names and say something about ourselves. Some professors would even let us think about which tree best describes us. Oh the ice breakers.

And of course, we’ll all make some sort of resolutions for the sem like “ I’ll study hard and get great grades!” or “I’ll save up and bring lunch” or “I’ll be more sociable” which most likely be forgotten by the third week after school starts.

Actually, as much as I want to start schooling once again and see my friends again I remembered you. How’d I greet you, smile, talk and act civil.

You probably don’t know how hard it is to endure everything and TRY to look happy…Happy that I’m totally okay that we’re just friends to be specific.

I don’t know what’s in store for me this year, if we’ll end up worse than what happened last semester or perhaps you’ll realize my worth. To finally feel infinity with you. Officially. (I’m not saying that I haven’t felt that with you, it’s just that I haven’t asked if you also felt it.) Though I don’t want to give my hopes up because the last time I did, I ended up broken-hearted by you.

I just hope something good happens this semester. I really do.


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