First day || What’s inside your bag?

Guess what? I went to school earlier. It’s officially the start of the semester! Although the schedule is a total drag because it seems that I have a schedule of a night school student, everything paid off cause I saw my friends! J I felt like an idiot, hugging everyone like I’ve never seen them for years. I guess I am that emotional. Haha.

So anyway, I have nothing else good to blog about so let’s talk about the things inside my school bag! Won’t that be fun?! Alright let’s get started!

Okay, here’s my school bag for the semester. This time I opted for an Adidas bag than a Jansport just because. Though mind you, I am still in love with jansport cause it’s so me. So street-skater-artist if you know what I mean. :>  Anyway, I just love the colors! It’s not really girly but not that tomboyish.

My Starbucks planner for 2012! (It’s Poplar wood in case you’re wondering.) A friend of mine gave this to me as a xmas gift! She’s so sweet! Thanks Danielle! ❤ There are a bunch of doodles inside, actually more than the important notes (hehe.) This is really helpful to me, since I usually forget important stuff like meetings, lunch dates, sweet nothings etc..

Fact: I’ve been using a starbucks planner since 2010. The first one, I earned it for my self. The second was from my sister and his hubby and yep the third one is stated above.

This is my binder for the semester. This has eight assorted fillers for eight subjects and I have a feeling that by the end of the semester, I would neglect them or throw them away or perhaps misplace them. -__-;; I know. I am really a klutz. Oh and I bought that statement sticker here:  it’s really cool y’know! And they’re only for 10 pesos. Sweet deal!

In college I have learned two things: 1. Stock up on yellow pad and 2. Never-ever bring the whole lot to school unless you want a lot of people to ask for a sheet every single day until it’s all gone. So yellow pad is a must in college. Annnd a new pencil case! Actually, I got it from the bag but I still bought a pink case just in case. HAHAHA. Get it get it?? Okay you don’t …

An umbrella incase it rains.

My wallet. The contents are to be revealed in my later blogs. Hehehe suspense!

Make-up kit! Yeah I’m still a girl. I need to look good and presentable.

Index cards in different sizes. I am told that we will need this soon. I didn’t know which size to buy so I bought three different sizes.

Class cards and Transcript. Just to show that you’re officially enrolled. Lololol.

Band-aids! You’ll need them especially if you have new shoes. I have blisters due to the new shoes so I was forced to buy a pack. -___- Still hurts.

sorry for the lame photos. /fail XDD I’ll post more interesting stuff. Til then! Ciao!


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