Another Make-Believe


Because the truth is, I still want to go and sit on the grass with you on a late night.

We’ll be like silly little kids again trying to count the stars we see, you’ll tell me which constellation is which ‘cause you’re so damn good at astronomy.

There’s a good chance of fighting over which star it is like what we always do— Fight over silly things.

You’ll tell me more about space and the Crab Nebula and Andromeda and other things no ordinary man would say.

I’ll tell you about Orion’s belt and how it’s related to the pyramids

We’ll just sit there

And we marvel at the world’s beauty.

For the rest of the night we’ll be laughing and push each other because that’s what we normally do. We’ll forget everything else and just be happy.

For a moment. 

I see dancing stars tonight. It’s a shame to watch it alone because I believe it’s meant for two. 

First of all, I’m really sorry for not updating my blog that often 😦 There’s noting really cool worth blogging about right now unless you want to read some of my woes fro the past days (which I do not wan’t to share anyway.) 

Rest aside, I’m fine and dandy. I’ll post more soon, I promise!


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