First Attempt to Nail Stickers

Last Sunday I bought these Nail Stickers in Saizen for 75 pesos! I thought it was a real steal so I took no hesitations in buying it. Again, I apologize for the poor camera quality because I am only using my phone camera. (Someone stole my digicam ;_; )

Saizen’s Nails Gone Wild in Leopard Pink

There are around 5 styles to choose from and from what I remembered, there are zebra stripes, leopards and chevron patterns in different colors. I chose the pink leopard pattern because I felt really girly that day and among the styles available there, it was this one that looked very…FIERCE.

Leopard Pink~

There are actually two sets  inside~ and ideally these sticker nails can only be used in one time only. Since I have short nails, a set can actually be divided into another set. 😀 I just have to cut it according to my nail shape.

Me with happy nails

Anyway, I tried them on while I was waiting for my next class in school earlier. It came out well~ BUT it was hard to stick at first because the adhesive side wont stick to my nail :(( So it’s very important to clean your nails first! It wont stick if you’re wearing nail polish or if it’s a bit oily. Better wash your hands to be safe!

Ignore the jeje pose XD Sorry I ran out of ideas

It did not fall off easily but each time I scratch my arm, it would slowly go off so I have to apply pressure on it so it would stick back.  :)) By the end of the class, I decided to take them all off because I felt irritated and maybe because it stopped me from doing my habit of getting rid of hang nails. hahaha.


My Rating for this product is a 3.5/5 

I liked the cute designs but the actual process of placing it onto your nail is quite a tedious job to do. Also, it somehow irritated me because I’m not used to having stickers on may nails XD I personally think wearing nail polish is better. 🙂


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