Late October Haul + Random Ramblings

Wow, it’s October already! So how’s everyone doing? šŸ˜€

Here’s my mini-haul for October! šŸ˜€

I went to SM Manila last thursday, originally I planned to go there to have lunch with Jek (my bestie) and her boyfriend in Bonchon. It’s a good thing, actually because we both needed to catch up and chill. College life is slowly draining our social lives, hence we/I never had ample time to see them. ;( That day I was also planning to get my Pink Membership card from Etude House since I got my TonyMoly Membership card last month.

(sorry no pictures in Bonchon hhuhuhu)

After eating in Bonchon, we first headed to TonyMoly because I wanted to buy a mask for myself and Van(best guybud). It was also my first time to use my card! XD hahahaha. I bought 2 masks: Dandy Guy Power Sheet Mask and Green Tea Mask Sheet Pack. The SA then gave me this free sticker as a freebie (which I shall give to my friend since I am not a fan of this dude)

I personally like to roam around in Etude House and Tony Moly but since I was with Jek, I had to make quick decisions and buy immediately. -__- hahaha.

We headed to Etude House right after~ My sister told me that their concealer is really good so I had to buy it! I was having a hard time choosing another product so I can get that card (atleast 500 pesos worth of purchase) but then Jek’s Boyfriend, James asked me to slip the Milky Lipgloss Jek’s been eyeing in my basket. Such a sweet guy! So in the end, I only bought Etude House’s Surprise Me Stick Concealer and got a free membership card! Yay. Plus, I got this Aloe Moistfull Mask as a GWP~!

Last night I tried TonyMoly’s Mask. I even took pictures of myself using the product but my memory card reformatted by itself! :(( So much for hoping to post for a review. :c but no worries! Next week, I shall buy another mask and hopefully, I will be able to take snapshots and post my review here. šŸ™‚

Yep. October’s pretty awesome so far~ I hope yours will be too! Until then!


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