College Week || Eco Ambassadress 2k12

College week is like the best 6 days where we can totally be bummed forever and temporarily forget about schoolwork. Basically, it’s a helluva week for Intramurals/Sportsfest + Ridiculous Activities and food + Legal trolling around the school. Yep, it’s that awesome. Well, not really THAT awesome-awesome..More of a….nevermind. You get what I mean XD

Anyway, the best highlight for this week was Day four! 😀 In our school, we sort of have this Eco Fashion show where students from different departments would create two outfits entirely made from recyclable materials. Last year btw, I helped in making our department’s outfits and trust me, you wont like it not unless you have this special relationship going on with a hot gluegun and smelly newpaper. (So i kinda opted not to help this year..hehee whoops selfish much?) For the designers of the dresses, I seriously give them a round of applause because it’s no joke to actually make one. Anyway the dress came out nice, plus the model we had suited her perfectly. 🙂 So yep, no regrets there.

I know, I know. Let’s get to the pictures because I know I’ve been yapping like hell here. :))

(Credits to Ate Ana Carmela Tutas for the pictures!)


Nine Contestants dressed in white fitting shirts and pants

There are two outfits that are to be showcased by the models: Casual wear and Evening Gown. Yeah, that day me and my friend started to scrutinize each and everyone’s outfits. Hahaha feeling judge! 😛

Our Department’s Casual Dress

The picture above is the LA-ED Dept’s Casual wear. 🙂 I liked how the colors actually complimented the Model’s skin complexion, although in my honest opinion, I’d rather discard the fans since it looks a bit “bulky” but overall the dress looked nice. hahaha.

Nursing Dept’s Casual Wear

I LOVE this. From the shoulder spikes to that bubble skirt. It screams for Mother monster, Lady GaGa! They could’ve added spiked accessories as well to match the shoulder piece!! And and Fishnet stockings and a headpiece! 😦 😦 She could’ve rocked the entire outfit, but oh well. It’s still my PEG. haha!

BSSW Dept’s Casual wear

I liked how they acknowledged the model’s height and created something that could fir her bodyshape. This Ballerina inspired dress is a hit for me, but kind of looked plain? They could’ve chosen a better color combination (because to me, that shade of blue reminds me of those plastic balloons and the top could’ve been black so that the tanzans were emphasized.)

Casual wear

Okay, I forgot whose dept was this. .__. :)) But anyway, I liked how the dress turned out.  The colors complimented each other perfectly, but they should discard the shells(?) Since it gave no help in making the dress better. The dress looked simple but somehow, I think it lacked…attitude. Lol what am I saying.

BSBA (Day) Dept’s Casual wear

Just wow. This dress spelled E-F-F-O-R-T. Can you see that beautiful detail on that corset? Yeah, this is pretty much the most complete outfit (meaning there’s nothing else to add or remove. Everything was in their proper places.)


ALS Casual Wear

Somehow, she reminded me of Adele (in a good way peeps) I liked how the color made the dress looked a million bucks! This is definitely a red carpet dress, not kidding! I see a tulle skirt underneath that mullet skirt, yeah two thumbs up! Again, they keep on forgetting about the accessories!! Gold accents would greatly affect the appearance of this outfit, and they could’ve placed gold linings and accents on the skirt. hay.


Casual Wear

Forgot the Deptartment again ._. lolol This reminded me of the movie, House Bunny! Hahaha The style is…okay. They could’ve incorporated new trends and this is somehow typical already. I do like the skirt though! And the color combinations! 🙂


BSBA (Night) Dept’s Casual Wear

I’m not quite exactly sure on what the designer did here but the dress looked okay. Nothing special about it but the skirt detail is something that made the dress unique! Scalloped edges, I think? Yeah it’s cool.


Casual dress

Among all of the cocktail dresses, this is probably my bet. Though it’s not the best, her skirt somehow gave an impact to me plus that ribbon detail at the back!



Everyone in their Evening gowns


Since I’m too lazy to critic their evening gowns as well, I decided to post one picture where you can see everyone.

Of course my bet is OUR Deptartment’s evening dress!! But I must say everyone else looked goood!


After that walk, there was a question and answer portion ( TBH, I wasn’t pleased at their answers. at all. period.) for the top five girls. (meh too lazy to post more pictures)

Fast forward to the final three!!

Big Three
(right to left:
BSN Dept, LA-Ed Dept, BSBA (Day) Dept

I can totally hear their hearts pounding like crazy while waiting for the emcee to rank the winners.  So the 3rd place went to the BSBA (Day), 2nd to OUR Dept and the Grand winner to the BSN! Yeah, I’m pretty much satisfied with the results. 🙂


Here ends my rant about the Eco Fashion. :)) I swear I’ll post more in the future!! :))



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