12/07/12 || Marga’s Debut

Maria Margarita Irene Flores Domingo turned eighteen last December seven! I’m so happy for her, she finally joined me in the “legal age” ppl in our barkada (because apparently, they’re all December babies and I’m like -_- )

My bestfriend’s debut was held at Arts In The City, somewhere in the Fort :)) We sorta had a hard time looking for the place because I left the sketch map of the place and at the same time, I ran out of load so I couldn’t text anyone. (boo hoo.) But thank God!! Jia, texted me that it was near BGC so yeah, we were able to find our way there.

Charlotte (my cousin) and I were actually a bit too early, since no one seemed to be around that time (except for Marga’s relatives) so I chowed to the snack bar where they served THE BEST BREADED CHICKEN FINGERS AND THAT YUMMY SAUCE.

Me eating le chicken fingers

This is me eating those chicken fingers I told you about. Yeah I know, awkward position and face. It was impromptu guys okay!! Quit bashing :))

By the way, we didn’t bring our camera along so we relied on Charl’s iTouch pfft. :)) (creds goes to her)


(left to right) Holly, Me, Jek, Marga(ze birthday girl)

Reunited!! (Jia not here. Bitch’s too busy with her chix loljk Moonhead, I love you!)

colorful shots!

I stayed there for quite a while, and these babies kept me company. As always, I’d try their flaming shots! hehe.

already haggard face


Me and Abby

That girl beside me is freaking tall! And that’s coming from a tall person as well okay! Beat that! I think she’s 5″11 or something.

Me and Angelouh

Next is this insanely small person! (HAHAHA SORRY, I LOVE YOU ANGELOUH!) No Seriously. I missed this girl quite a lot because we dont talk that often anymore like before. (drama) lol so happy to see you!!

Me saying my dumb speech to marga

Honestly, I am BAD in these kind of things. seriously. I didn’t know what to say so I just said a half-assed speech that Marga obviously knew that I didn’t know what I was doing. whoops.


So here ends my not so beautiful blog. I swear, if I had more pictures I’ll show you but I have to wait for Marga to upload the official pictures and stuff. haha. Yep. Til then!


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