12/08/12 || Holly’s Debut

So another friend of mine celebrated her 18th birthday as well, a day after Marga’s birthday. That’s right, I attended TWO debuts in a row! Imagine how haggard I am!!

Nathalie Rocelle Weber Cahanding just turned eighteen  okay scrap that. Actually, her birthday will be on Christmas itself, hence the name Holly. :)) So basically, she’s not 18 yet. HAH. She celebrated her debut in Great Eastern Hotel across A.Venue. There actually quite a lot of folks who came. It’s sorta awkward. haha.




I know, I need to shed some of those fats but I can’t because food is too clingy.

Mobile Bar

I liked the drinks here than yesterday’s bar. Just saying. (oh and they gave free gummy worms so that’s a plus)

Clarisse, Abby (again) and Me

Holly and her awesome cake

Look how colorful her cake is!

Clarisse and I

I missed this girl so much!! and she’s so thoughtful because she brought her xmas gift from last year to give it to me :c Such a keeper!

Holly blowing her cake!

photo op

Outside the Hotel. 🙂

kunyaring candid

At last! I can finally rest and enjoy my day. lol. Thanks for reading, bye. x


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