Ramblings and Mini Haul + DKFC Tickets

Happy holidays everyone! 🙂

I hope you all had a great time with your family and loved ones this season. As for me, nothing special happened. Christmas day was so ordinary, almost as if it wasn’t even Christmas at all! Hahaha. I am so not feeling the Christmas Vibes. 😦


Anyway, one good thing that happened to me this month was probably about my latest purchase of an album I really wanted to have! 🙂


Infinitize Album I bought at CNA for only P650!

Yes, I stan Korean music and I know it’s somehow weird for other people. Well, we all have our own quirks and interest. Don’t we? J To be honest, I am really pissed off by some ignorant people who dislike my taste in music and even insult people like me for that. :/ But then I realized that we’re all entitled to our own opinions, so I try to keep my fists away from their faces. 😀 I mean, give us some respect. It’s still music and if you don’t like them, then there is no need to bash right? :)) I guess that’s what we get for liking this type of genre but hey, we still do listen to western music. We’re still normal. -_-

Hahaha so much for ranting. XD What REALLY made my month is this:

Gold Ticket because I’m too poor to afford the SVIP 😦

A TICKET FOR DREAM FANTASY KPOP CONCERT. HONESTLY, I CANT EVEN HOLD MY FEELS FOR THIS DAMNED TICKET WHEN I GOT IT. Whoops, capslock right there. Yeah, it’s a concert that will take place here in the Philippines! I will *finally* get to meet my ultimate bias of all time 😦 then I can die already (haha just kidding) The original price for the ticket I got was for 6210 pesos but since I had my friend’s mom with us that time, it was discounted! Yay! 😀


Moving on, I stopped by at Etude House to buy some masks. 😀 I actually missed the feeling of wearing one so I bought two. :))

The Red Ginseng Mask really interested me as well as the essence mask. :O That time, I was actually planning to buy that Happy Tea Time cleansing cream, but it was out of stock D: tsk. Better luck next time :c


Resolutions for next year?

I’ll post them next time :)) hahaha just so I can at least post something. I’m still thinking if I should move to tumblr :/ Or atleast make a legit beauty blog since my wordpress blog is actually kind of semi-private for me. Hahaha what am I saying? It’s not like I have readers here. Lol okay. Ciao x



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