Review: Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint 02 Green

Gosh I’m so sorry for not updating. It took me more than a month to actually start writing again. So, please consider this as my first post for the 2013. ahahaha.

Before I start with my review, let me just tell you about this funny story that happened to me in Tony Moly (SM Manila Branch)

I was strolling around the mall with my friend and we were pretty much bored, so we decided to go to a bunch of random stores and check out their new stuff. On the top of our list is of course, Tony Moly and Etude House (we’re pretty crazy about korean stuff okay dont judge us.) When we got first to Tony Moly, usually they play random kpop songs and since I’m not really much of a self indulged fan myself (hey it’s my first year for loving kpop. ok dont judge me again) I kinda shrugged off the songs that were played. While I was busying myself with some of their lip products, this SA started sales talking me with their bestseller, the magic lip balm thing on the pot. I was like, cool that looks functional and chic so I decided to play along with her. I never really thought of buying it, not until they played a song from Infinite (it’s a korean band that I really really REALLY like) so I started spazzing (imagine me with my mouth foaming. ok not really) and immediately nodded to her that I’ll be buying that product.

When I was about to pay, I realized that I didn’t have money! Gosh imagine how embarrassing it was when I said that I didn’t have money and ran out from the store!! hahaha. After that, I promised myself that I’ll still buy that lip gloss to mask my shame.

Luckily, I did. A week later, or so. And I’m pretty confident to say that this is really a great buy!

Wow that was lengthy. ^^;; So on to the review, I guess?



here’s the lip tint I was talking about! As mentioned, this is one of their bestsellers and it comes in three colors. I bought the green one because well, it smells like green apples. As for the color, it’s ‘magical’ meaning to say that it would most likely depend on the temperature of the environment you’re in and your lips. So, it somehow makes you kind of unique?

Whenever I take this out from my pouch, my friends would look at me weirdly because it’s quite unusually to have a lip product that’s in the shade of green. But it doesn’t stay green when you apply it on your lips! Give it like, 10 seconds less and you’ll magically see the results!!

I told you it’s green.

It’s written in hanggul~ Obviously it says

Tony Moly

Berry Berry Magic Liptint

02 Hue  Green Apple

As for the rest, no I cannot understand. Anyway, It’s not really that important.orz

I just dip my fingers on the pot itself because I’m too lazy to buy a lipbrush, and since I’m always pressed in time I just do whatever XD I know it’s unhygienic. Remind me to buy a set of brushes okay.


Since this is a gel type Lip tint, and honestly my first time using this kind of product, I don’t like how heavy it feels whenever I’m wearing it. But rest assured that after a few minutes or so, the bulkiness fades and eventually you’ll have tinted lips as promised!!

As you can see, it’s still green. It will only change in color once you’ve rubbed it on your lips.

Here it is when it’s swatched! As for me, it’s kind of sticky. I mean, reaaally sticky but sometimes bearable. During hot days, I wouldn’t want to wear this.

Among the three colors, I think the green apple is highly recommended if you want to have supple red lips.

my flawed lips. I know bad lighting. /shot

With the Tony Moly Magic Lip Tint!

After a little while, it blends in and it sorta matches itself with your natural lip color. 😀

Can you see the difference? 😀

SCOREBOARD (yes I will now utilize a scoreboard shut up)

Packaging 7/10

Price 10/10

Scent 10/10

Longevity 8/10

Overall 9/10


tint doesn’t melt! It stays firm (+)

smells goood (+)

perfect shade of reddish-pink!  (+)

lightweight and travel friendly (+)

Tint stays on my fingers after using (-)

Not really recommended for sharing (-)

Tends to be bulky (-)

Yep, so that’ll be all for today! Thanks for reading guys!


One thought on “Review: Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint 02 Green

  1. When I’m just walking aimlessly in the mall, my feet also leads me to Tony Moly and Etude House! It doesn’t help that they have adorable products and affordable prices. Mapapabili ka eh. By the way, I love the red lips effect it gave your lips! 😀 I’m too lazy to use a lip brush too even if people say it’s unhygienic to use fingers. Haha! I hope they have a stick version of this para no finger-dipping into the pot. 🙂

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