REVIEW: Etude House Magic Tint Balm in 01

I didn’t realize that I actually have readers who read my make up reviews, even to the point where some emailed me and sent queries regarding some of the products I have reviewed before. I just want to say thank you and I hope I’m not failing you, dear readers ; ^;

To be honest, college life is really dragging me away from blogging so I can’t really promise everyone that I’ll be publishing new posts every week. However, since it’s the Christmas break, I thought I could maybe take advantage of it and do a couple of writings.

Today I will be reviewing what seems to be a natural favorite among EH fanatics. In my opinion, this product should be in every girl’s make up kit whether you’re a beginner or a skilled MUA.

Etude House Magic Tint Balm in 01 Magic Red

according to etudehouseph

Tinted translucent lip balm supplies vitamin E additives to promote and preserve healthy lips.

Actually, I didn’t know about the Vitamin E benefit LOL! So I guess, this really is a pretty great balm! Vitamin E is a common skin care ingredient that does pretty much what antioxidants do. No, I am not going to write a full paragraph on what it does! Basically, it fights against skin cell damage and promotes preserving healthy lips.

The packaging looks pretty simple for me, but it’s not really much of a big problem because at least I know I’m paying for the product and not the packaging! 😉 The thing is though, some would think it’s unhygienic to have it in a tub–and I think so too. In the middle of the day, I wouldn’t want to dip my fingers into the tub because that’s just gross with all of the dirt and grime. It’s not much of a go-to product you can swipe on your lips anytime.


The consistency is somewhat between milky and gel-type. Anyhow, It’s blendable and easy to manage. Since it’s translucent, the balm wouldn’t look to harsh when it’s applied on the lips.

You have to forgive me on this one since I don’t really own an HD type of camera suitable for macro shots. Here is a picture of me with my bare small lips (and haggard face lol! sorry, just got home that time.)

The picture doesn’t give justice to it’s true color, but you can see a difference between the previous picture and this one, right? What’s good about this product is that it’s not “heavy” and looks pretty natural. This balm can also be somewhat a base when applying matte lipsticks! It glides smoothly on the lips and does not have any “hash” flavoring! I noticed it stays pretty long too, and while it fades, the balm leaves a hint of color on your lips!

What I like about the Product:

  • It’s very affordable! For only P198.00, you can have your very one lip tint+balm!
  • Vitamin E Benefit! This will make your lips look less chapped and more healthy
  • Easy to use
  • Readily available in all Etude House Stores/stalls.
  • Lasts long~ appx around 2 hours inside a classroom
  • Serves as a great base for any lip product like lip stains, lipsticks, etc.
  • Lightweight
  • Smells like fresh cherries~
  • No flavoring

What I dislike about the product:

  • unhygienic (need to dip fingers onto the tub)

Will I repurchase? Well, I think this tub will last me for a pretty long time. But if I ever finish it, I’ll definitely get the orange-y variant!

Thanks for reading! More reviews coming, hehehe~ Happy Holidays guys!


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