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Artist | Blogger| Future Educator | Daydreamer | Foodie | Introvert | K – Pop Enthusiast

So this where I talk about myself right?

Quite honestly, I’m not really into the whole “introduce yourself!” thing. I was never the type who’d brag the skills I possess, nor am I the type who’d suck up and list down the things I’m bad at.

The thing is, I don’t really know myself–not entirely, that is.

I’m guessing you’re saying right now is “then why would you make an about me page?” or something closely related to that. Well you see, I do know a tiny bit about myself. You know, like facts and observations that I think would be enough to say whenever i needed to (like now).

I’m actually socially awkward. If it’s our first time meeting, I’ll probably shove in a couple of really weird questions to you, maybe avoid eye contact as much as possible, and inwardly cry at how dead our conversation’s going.

I tend to stay up late, and no it doesn’t matter if I have an eight AM class later or not. I will sleep past 3AM and I think I can’t change that anymore, not unless you cut the wi-fi then maybe I’ll sleep at 12mn.

I’m someone who’s deeply in love with the arts, the transition of colors the sky make when the sun sets, food and all these lonely pictures I see on tumblr. Music is such a beautiful thing, I wish someday I’ll be able to strum my own guitar and sing the songs I always listen to.

I’m in love with dark ink and paper. If you lock me in a cell for hours, I wouldn’t mind it as long as I have stacks of paper and pens and pencils of different kinds. Paint is both an enemy and friend, but regardless of that, I find myself feeling all the butterflies inside me when I dip my brush on my palette.

I’m currently taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education, and I guess I’m an accidental teacher. I could go on really, and tell you how it’s called “accidental” but yes, I thought I’d tell it to you next time when we meet so that I’ll be able to say something (you know, to kill the silence haha.) But anyway, you don’t have to worry. I came to love this course and managed to set dreams for it. Dreams that I hope wouldn’t crash like my other dreams I had when I was younger.

My name is Winnie Crystal Cruz. I’ve been wandering around, looking for answers to all these questions in my head and find some sort of way for me to be happy.

This blog serves as personal journal to me, and probably the best way where I can let out my feeling even just for a little while.


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