Reminders to Myself ; NY Resolutions

Quite honestly, I am not a fan of New Years ever since my Lit teacher back in high school corrupted my brain with all these conspiracies about how inaccurate our calendar is and how no one really cracked the code behind the Mayan calendar.

(No, we are not going to talk about the End of the World and how Nostradamus became the fucking joke of the century.)

So yes, I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to celebrate New Year because when you think about it, each day is like a new year (the first of January is just taking more credit) and if I dont seem like I’m making any sense right now, think of your birthday. It happens every year right? It’s all the same banana we’re talking about; a natural phenomenon that we don’t even notice because we’re all too busy taking selfies and instagram-ing our food.

But anyway, my friend just so happens to have a silvertongue and talked me in to make a short list. I told her I wouldn’t be able to fulfill any of the things I’m going to make, so what’s the use? She laughed, said that I should stop being pessimistic and just write already. Oh well.

So, here goes.

Crystal’s New Year’s Resolution 2014 Edition

  1. Forget the past.

My pessimistic side tells me it’s easier said than done, especially for a person like me who tends to remember every detail of everything a person has done to me. I take grudges and don’t accept apologies that easily. You know why? Because it’s just—it’s really unfair. You let someone come into your life wholeheartedly and think that they’d be a huge part in your life. I don’t make friends to make my circle wider, I make friends because I think they’re special and worth it to have a portion of me in their lives (and vice versa). And then what? They smash your heart, your soul, into tiny pieces and leave before you can even say goodbye. Now that’s just bullshit, right?

So yes, I thought of making this as resolution. I want to forget everyone who tore a piece of my heart and left. Bitter as I might sound, but whatever. I’ve grown tired from crying and coping and reaching out to people I thought I considered as friends.

2. Fix my life

and to “fix” I mean reorganizing things and putting them into the right order. In this case, I’ve already started by clearing up my laptop (reformat) and rearrange the files I have left.

This also includes this blog. Earlier, another friend of mine mentioned that I should post more beauty-related posts and all that jazz. 2014 is  a great start for me to get on with my blog and idk just blog on a weekly basis, if my schedule permits. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tick this off by the end of the year. heh, we’ll see what happens.

3. Build a better me

though personality and morals matter the most, I think it wouldn’t be as bad if I upgrade my self on the physical aspect, right? Yes, I’m talking about slimming down and cutting back on refined sugar and fatty burgers that I love.

My cousin mentioned I should /update/ my cabinet, and I just couldn’t agree more. I also think I might want to do some make up shopping and idk limit my spending habits. Let’s say I’m allowed to shop for makeup once for every three months? Sounds reasonable?

4. Study and get more books for my career

I guess it’s time to get serious with my studies. A year and a half from now, I’ll be an educator and I still can’t believe myself for not investing on books! Ugh.

5. Love

Specifically, love the people I have right now. I love my family, every single one of them, and my friends. I don’t need to look for love, because the love I have is enough.


I guess it’s time to remove my signature scowl and start smiling for everyone. I know, I’m not really fit for the cheerful persona but whatever. I just want to show the world that I’m happy.

So yeah. Here ends my not so exciting list. It’s not really a to-do list like what they’re all doing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post more exciting stuff here and idk get more audience? 2014, please be my year! 🙂


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