Photoblog: 050712 || Adventure Day

Also known as the “Aventure Day.”

Today I rode on a jeepney for five times. Despite the thought of it may sound a bit tiresome, It actually felt really good. I went to Taft this afternoon and it gives me the “feels” everytime! I mean, I’m a taft baby, my school’s right over there and there are a lot of fast food chains near my HS school unlike my college school (mehehe.) I also saw some of my friends and batchmates (who are studying in La Salle, the neighbor of my school.) I was only there for a short time, actually. Oh! I also bought a pair of bunny earrings from a friend!

Isn’t it adorable?!?!
Anyway, I went home and a friend came over. We hanged out outside the house just playing music, exchanging stories and other shitloads we did that couldn’t be typed here. Bottomline: it was fun being with ’em. Smiley face! 😀
So I’m ending my day doing this photo blog. I promised my self to do this every day for the summer. Support me! 🙂

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